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Evolutionary psychology | Biohacking 1337

Giego Caleiro is, in his own words, “the only burner Effective Altruist Bio-anthropo-philosopher metaphorical Christian hippie you will ever meet!” He graduated from the University of São Paulo where he also wrote the book “Simulating Dennett” and did a Masters in philosophy. Currently, he is researching altruism at UC Berkeley. His main areas of interest are:

1. Altruism, Cooperation, Primatology, Evolutionary Psychology, Neuroscience, Behavioral Genomics, Human Behavioral Ecology and similar ways of looking at the world through Darwinian lenses.
2. Philosophy of Mind, the far future, and using Artificial Intelligence to guarantee global cooperation thereby preventing human extinction, securing immortality and filling the visible universe with forms of life as teemingly grateful about existence and happy as he is on most days, and a few *illion times more, if possible.

Giego’s vast amount of knowledge allows him to analyze and propose solutions to complex psychological, social and political problems. Most importantly, he is a great open-minded non-ideologically-possessed fun-to-be-around guy. You can learn more about him and his work at diegocaleiro.com and by engaging in his thought-provoking discussions on his facebook page.

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